7. More points to investigate/argue

Ecocomposition and multimodality stakeholder positions for the teacher/educator/tutor.   Ecorhetoric is progressive learning about composition environments or PLACE)

A.  Study Bakhtin’s theory of the chronotope as a literary theory.  Then write a response to one of the following  questions.

1.  How has the writing environment of the technological revolution influenced the writing style and practices of students’ compositions?

2. How has the writing process changed in relationship to particular environments and the discourse of disparate locations, geographies, settings?

3.   Is there more emphasis on prewriting or postwriting activity emerging with more advanced technology  Are essential writing skills compromised with more demands to add the visual rhetoric of technology to student work?

4.   What recent pedagogical studies prove that alphabetical literacy is not lost with the introduction of multimodality in the English composition classroom?

5.   Can sources listed on internet websites be considered “situated” (Breusch 125) if internet sites are subject to change and amendment?  For example, the current wiki definition (November 2014) of ecofeminism claims that the ecological subjugation of women is due to Western patriarchy and oppression.  How can this claim be refuted?

6.  Cheryll Glotfelty points to the year 1993 as the year ecocriticism emerges as “the study of the relationship between literature and the physical environment” (Ambruster and Wallace 1).  How can Glotfelty’s interpretation of the textual product of “nature writing” be distinquished from Dobrin and Weisser’s idea of natural discourse as a product of place, geography, setting, and/or location?

7.  Read Aldo Leopold’s Sand County Almanac.  How has the Leopoldean idea of “the land ethic” and  “shared community of land” changed in the last 50 years?  What Leopoldean arguments regarding the stewardship of soil, water, plant life, and animal life persist to compel attention?  What new problems have emerged that are not accounted for in the Sand County Almanac treatise?  (Hint:  In November 2014, China signed an agreement with President Obama regarding this domain of ecology.  (See The Washington Post, November 12, 2014, page 1.)

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