3. Rationale and positions of argument

Points of Argument.  Why teach ecorhetoric in English 101?

Ecorhetoric:  Progressive Learning About Composition Environments (PLACE)

Thesis:  Ecorhetoric is ecological rhetoric concerning the contemporary  struggle for existence; thus it allows students a broad range of essential questions to investigate and arguments to debate and develop through research and composition  in English 101.


The purpose of this project is to offer the following points of argument for the teacher who wishes to pursue the topic of ecological rhetoric.  1)  Ecological rhetoric is the best venue for a multidisciplinary and multimodal approach to teaching freshman college compostion.  2)  The philosophical praxis of existentialism as expressed by Jean Paul Sartre and Kenneth Burke provide excellent room for debate regarding the contemporary challenges of greening the curriculum.  3)  Literature and literary discourse, including fiction and poetry, should not be excluded from the topoi of ecological rhetoric and composition studies.


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